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Unlimited star and review rewards program. Stars receive 5% off and reviews receive 10% off. There are no limits to the discount. Redeem discounts at any time or collect up to 100% off your next treatment. No restrictions on any single treatment! Have you collected 100% already? It begins over once you reach 100%, you can collect discounts for your next service! Feedback, testimonials, and word of mouth referrals help small businesses like mine to flourish. Each feedback is like receiving a holiday gift! Single entries welcome or fill the entire sheet, print and return to Heal-Thy-Body or email to Stefany at [email protected] Thanks a million!

HOW TO LEAVE STARS, FEEDBACK, AND TESTIMONIALS: Different sites have different navigation and log in. As an example, if you have a gmail or a google browser account, you can do a search of any business and there are quick links to click on stars or review links which will bring you to the feedback page.  


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